River Retreat

Located along the beautiful scenic Bluffs of the St. Croix River this home was scheduled to be a feature of the Luxury Home Tour. Village Green Landscapes was asked to help the homeowners transform this almost 3 acre property into a scenic retreat that seamlessly merged with the surrounding views.

CASE: Design and install a new landscape for a luxury new home which would integrate the built environment with the natural setting of the residence.

SOLUTION: We utilized the rolling topography of the site to create new grading and drainage paths which could be allowed to safely exit the site. Stone boulders inherent to the project area were utilized to soften grades of the steeper slopes by being placed in a loose, asymmetric pattern. We wanted to keep the integrity of the site and attempt to blend the uniqueness of the home’s architecture by merging it with its natural surroundings. The natural stone was also utilized in a memorial water feature and backyard fire area. Plantings near the immediate foundation of the home were a blend of natives and carefully selected ornate showpieces. Privacy was paramount to the customer so we introduced strong vertical elements along the sites periphery with truck-spaded evergreens and maples.

RESULT: The final product integrated and meshed the semi-formal nature of the home with the ruggedness of the surrounding environment. The homeowners have a showpiece for entertaining along with added functionality of usable vistas for playing and enhanced sight-lines with compartmentalized sensory areas.

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